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History & Medical Backgrownd


The history of the Spanish professional cosmetic brand Selvert Thermal, which is known worldwide today, started in 1975. Now the cosmetics of this brand is considered as a high-tech, effective and safe product that works at the level of cell therapy. The domain of this brand cosmetics usage is quite large, which allows solving almost all major skin problems.


Today, IDESCO S.A. is a part of GINPER GROUP, an innovative and technological group of companies that specializes in creating effective solutions for health & beauty. IDESCO's medical background makes it easy and fast to adapt products to rapidly changing market requirements through in-house high-tech manufacturing.


IDESCO handles the complete cosmetics manufacturing process, from the selection of high quality raw materials and the development of innovative beauty formulas, to the sale of final product.

Quality & Safety

Selvert Thermal has its own laboratory in Barcelona where all the products' formulas are generated. Having the own laboratory allows to analyze products at various stages of production process.


The manufacturing facilities are certified by GMP and ISO - the highest European quality certificates, pharmaceutical companies usually get. Therefore Selvert Thermal cosmetics meet all the highest European quality standards and requirements.


The production is characterized by high manufacturability of the process and undergo costly consumer tests.


Research & Responsibility


Selvert Thermal products are the result of work and research in the field of cell biology, medicine and pharmacology carried out for many years so that they can be proudly classified as a new generation of cosmeceuticals functioning at the cellular level. They are enriched with a huge amount of minerals, microelements, biostimulants and their composition is similar to the one of a living cell, so it is well absorbed by it.


The company responds quickly to market trends and satisfies clients' needs by offering and implementing new solutions. 


The cosmetics have soothing, anti-allergenic properties, accelerate regeneration processes, in most cases products are also suitable for sensitive skin. Unique formulas provide the skin with deep penetration of nutrients into every cell of the skin, which implements one of the company's main focuses: the impact on the body by the forces of the body itself.


Premium cosmetics by Selvert Thermal have an impressive effect on the restoration of human skin, have powerful regenerating and protective properties, and allow you to normalize the work of internal metabolic processes in the deep layers of the epidermis.


The Company launches new products, use innovative ingredients and broadens the product range on a regular basis. All the cosmetic lines have been formulated with the most effective and save active ingredients to achieve sublime and radiant skin at all times.


Moreover all the innovative ingredients are always selected with reliance on scientific research carried out by The Research & Development Department at Laboratory in Barcelona. 

The Most Effective Ingredients

Most of the Selvert Thermal products are manufactured on the basis of thermal water which provides a smoothing effect on the skin and allows the use of the cosmetics for all types of skin, even for the most sensitive skin.



Thermal Water Of The Pyrenees

  • Silicon is a structural component of connective tissue, it protects the skin from external influences, stimulates collagen synthesis.

  • Sodium regulates water balance and osmotic pressure, transports amino acids, sugars, inorganic and organic anions through cell membranes.

  • Chlorides activate the metabolic processes of skin cells, activate a number of enzymes.

Thermal Water Of The Swiss Alps

  • Potassium maintains a constant composition of the cellular and intercellular fluid as well as acid-base balance, provides intercellular contacts and increases muscle tone.

  • Magnesium stimulates the formation of proteins, regulates the storage and release of ATP, having a calming effect on the skin.

  • Calcium regulates cellular metabolism and the permeability of cell membranes.

  • Strontium inhibits inflammatory processes in the skin.

  • Iron is involved in immune defense and skin oxygenation.

  • Sulfates have a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect, participate in the processes of tissue respiration.


There are such important and effective active ingredients used in the cosmetics manufacturing as Gulf Stream Water, Celebr'age™, Cell Photo Complex, Stem Cells Of The Alpine Rose, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Hyaluronic Acid Of High, Medium and Low Mollecular Weight, Peptide NA-8, Peptide NA-2, MAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), Encapsulated Retinol, Extracts Of Numerous Medicinal Plants & Oils.

Wide Product Range


The cosmetic products range from Selvert Thermal is the widest so that professional cosmetics collections allow the beautician to create their own skin restoration program, taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of all types of the skin. There are also home care sets allowing maintain the products' effect on skin permanently. 

Effective Results

Owing to the synergy of biochemical advanced formulas and the natural ingredients presence in the cosmetics, the Selvert Thermal product is distinguished by a luxury level and is used in the best beauty salons around the world.


The professionals note the extraordinary effectiveness after skin restoration procedures carried out on Selvert Thermal products. Clients, in turn, note the instant transformation of the skin after the first procedure and are always happy to see their skin shining and renewed. 

Selvert Thermal In The World

The cosmeceutical brand Selvert Thermal is presented in 50 countries around the world and has been supplying quality cosmetics for professionals for more than 45 years providing all our expertise to all professionals at the beauty and spa institutes who seek excellence in skin care for their clients.


Selvert Thermal does everything to support the idea of sustainability. It uses eco-friendly packing, which does not harm the environment as well as tries to reduce the amount of energy used in manufacturing by installing solar panels. 


The mission of Selvert Thermal cosmetics is to mobilize the body's internal reserves. It does not just compensate for the deficiency of certain substances, but works at the level of cellular therapy, since its components regulate the main biological processes in the skin - the regeneration of epidermal cells, the synthesis of dermal matrix components, the activation of local immunity, etc.


Development of cosmetics that work at the level of cellular therapy has become possible owing to the alliance of high technology, scientific research and use of advanced ingredients.

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123 Office, Nova Plaza Business Center,

19/1 Sayat-Nova Ave, 

0001 Yerevan, Armenia


+374 94 11 72 99



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